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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Welcome to McKenzie Marketing Solutions Ltd. and thank you for visiting my website. I would like to let you know what kind of information I collect from you, how I use that information and why.


Who am I?

I am Jon McKenzie, the creator of McKenzie Marketing Solutions Ltd, within which I manage Google Ads and Bing Ads Paid Search accounts for clients throughout the UK. This is who I am referring to as “I” in the sections below.

I have been a dedicated paid search account manager since September 2012 and I’m based at 4 Chalybeate, Haddington, East Lothian, EH41 4NX. You can contact me by phone on 07958 012 612 or by email at


Data I collect

I use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to monitor visitors to my website. These platforms apply cookies which allow me to see how you discovered my site, what page you visited before you got to my site and which pages you visit while browsing my site. Information collected in this way will be anonymised and aggregated. If you don’t want me to be able to see this information you can disable cookies in your browser.


Data I don’t collect

It’s important to me that you know that I don’t collect any personal data such as your email address while you’re visiting my website. Unless you provide me with your email address when you contact me I won’t have such details.


Contacting me

If you contact me and ask me to arrange a meeting or if you make a request for me to provide further information on my services I will keep your email address or phone number to reply to your request.


Paying me

My clients usually pay me by online bank transfer so I only know what the bank tells me about you: the name of the company who has paid me, how much money has been paid in and ideally the reference number from the invoice which is being paid.

I use Freeagent, the UK-based accounting database, to manage my finances.  I will only add your details to my FreeAgent account at the point where you have explicitly agreed to work with me in order to generate your first invoice onwards.


Data storage

Any information I hold from you is strictly confidential.

This data is stored only on secure and reliable software (e.g. MacOS X, iOS, Dropbox, BaseCamp) all of which are password protected with the use of strong passwords.

My electronic devices are all password protected and I am the only one who can export or download data for backups.

Some of your data is held in the US (Apple iCloud, BaseCamp & Dropbox) and some in the UK/EU (Freeagent). I have made sure that these services comply with appropriate security standards.

The data I hold will never be sold or shared with others.  It will not be used by others to market to you, to carry out research or for any other purpose unless there is a legal obligation for me to do so.

You can update your personal data by emailing


Data retention

I keep client data for 5 years after completion of our business relationship as this is what is required by HMRC.

Should you make an enquiry but we don’t go on to enter a business relationship I will keep your contact data for up to 12 months after our last contact before it is deleted.


Find out what data I hold on you

You can contact me with your name and email address to find out what information I hold about you. I will search my data to provide you with an overview and will remove you from my customer database should you request for me to do so.


How you will be notified of changes to this privacy policy

Any modifications to McKenzie Marketing’s privacy practices will be reflected first within this area of the website (  You will be contacted directly if any updates are deemed to be a significantly substantial change.

Privacy Policy last updated March 2022

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