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Why You Should Hire a Google Ads Professional

There are many reason why you should hire a Google Ads Professional, some of which I have listed below.

  • Minimise wasted ad spend

It is very easy to create Google Ads campaigns, unfortunately it is also very easy to waste your money. Many of the default settings in Google Ads are set to maximise your reach which is great if you want the highest possible number of clicks.  If your account isn’t fully optimised then it is hurting your relevancy.  As you are paying for each and every click you want to only be attracting visitors to your site who you have a good chance of converting into customers.

Within both new and currently managed Google Ads accounts my first priority is to investigate what searches or display or shopping placements are achieving clicks.  Once any weaknesses are addressed I can move on to enhancing the areas that are performing well.


  • Maximise Return on Investment

Now that wasted spend has been cut out we want to achieve the maximum return on investment possible within the Google Ads account.  By evaluating the conversion data, dimensions tab reports along with the vast array of data available within Google analytics I make sure that account budget is spent in the areas that are generating sales.


  • You don’t have the time to monitor and optimise your Google Ads account

As a business owner or manager you are already stretched across all areas of your business. Running an effective Google Ads account requires frequent analysis and optimisation in order to improve performance and Return on Investment (ROI).

Unless you can set aside time each day to dedicate to running your AdWords account then it is wise to work with a professional Google Ads account manager, allowing you to focus on the other areas of your business.


  • Google Ads is constantly evolving

The Google Ads interface, campaign types and range of tools available are constantly changing. It takes time and a lot of reading to stay up with the newest Google Ads developments as they emerge. As a Google Ads professional I stay up to date with the latest tools and strategies available to ensure my accounts are as effective as possible.


  • Tracking and analysis is required for success

Effective Google Ads management requires setting up and monitoring conversion goals that are determined by your business objectives. A Google Ads professional can work with you to set up tracking in order to monitor where every single Google Ads conversion or sale comes from.

The knowledge of where an account’s conversions are being achieved allows me to cut spend from areas that aren’t pulling their weight and scale up areas that are performing well.


  • Google Ads settings can be complex

While it is relatively easy to create an Google Ads account and get a campaign up and running it is a far different matter being able to fully utilise the wide range of settings and tools available. Incorrectly activating your settings and targeting can lead to wasted ad spend and a stunting of the maximum ROI your ads can achieve.

A professional Google Ads manager can configure your account settings correctly in order to make the most of every pound spent while also maximising the sales or sign ups you achieve.


  • Experience across multiple client accounts

A business managing their own Google Ads account must deal with account situations as they arise and work out the suitable actions to be taken.  Managing a number of Google Ads accounts across a wide range of industries means that I have significant experience in handling anything that comes up within an account.

Another benefit of managing multiple accounts is that often a new strategy, tactic or campaign set up within one account offers potential benefits to other account that I manage.

For effective Google Ads account management get in touch today!