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Google Ads Account Strategy

The running of effective Google Ads accounts, that achieve high returns for your ad spend, requires skilled management of the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Targeting
  • Optimisation



We will discuss your business objectives and what you would like to achieve through Google Ads advertising.  We will then work together to create goals and a strategy for your account.

Before a Google Ads account is created and the first penny is spent it is important to first set out goals that you wish to achieve through the account and create strategies for how you will achieve these goals.  An e-commerce website may wish to increase their rate of sales by 25% after 3 months while a company offering a service may want to increase their average number of monthly on-line enquiries from 25 to 40 after 5 months.  It is important that all targets relate to your overall business activities and that they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Specific).


You know a great deal about the products or services you deliver.  You also know about the people you’d like to sell to.  Google Ads targeting involves communicating the correct information or unique selling points (usp’s) to the correct people at the correct time in order to encourage a sale.  The beauty of search engine marketing is that, through the search term they enter into Google, the individual is signalling a desire or telling you what they want to achieve in their search.

I create Google Ads campaigns that implement the most relevant keywords for a business and it’s customers, aimed at specific locations, days, and times of day as determined by your online strategy.



Google Ads accounts require effort and attention over time in order to realise your goals.  It is not enough to set up and forget an account as the search landscape, your business objectives and the competition will all change over time.  I monitor my Google Ads accounts on a daily basis and continuously optimise all elements of the account through split testing over time.


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